Dr. Bryan E. Laubscher of Odysseus Technologies, LLC has invented a new way to synthesize carbon nanotubes (CNTs). With this invention, Odysseus Technologies is poised to disrupt the multi-billion dollar materials and electronics industries, and launch a carbon materials revolution comparable to the industrial revolution.

Carbon nanotubes have tensile strength 100 times that of steel, and they have spectacular electrical and thermal conduction properties. Odysseus Technologies’ new synthesis technology promises to replace metals, high strength polymers and even silicon electronics with high-quality CNTs.

The industrial-scale production of high quality CNTs will launch a new industry beginning with high strength/low weight composites, cables and structures. Precisely fabricated CNT devices will replace silicon microelectronics and create tiny sensors for myriad applications.


Since their discovery over 25 years ago, CNTs have failed to live up to their potential. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) synthesis technologies are responsible for the failure. Approximately $35 billion of research and development has been invested in carbon nanotubes over the 25 years since their discovery. The current world market for carbon nanotubes is only $0.7 billion – 2% of the R&D invested! CVD-synthesized CNTs exemplify a failed technology!

Because of the hot, carbon-bearing gas of chemical vapor deposition, CNTs synthesized using this method are generally short and damaged. The macroscopic assemblages of CNTs generally yield strengths well below steel and conductivities well below copper. Moreover, CVD is not industrializable.

Proposed Solution

Odysseus Technologies’ TREKANG growth process eliminates the problematic, hot carbon-bearing gas of CVD. TREKANG promises continuous growth yielding long nanotubes that are strong and pristine. TREKANG’s process is cleaner and industrializable.

The TREKANG concept was proven over 16 intensive months of experimentation, vastly reducing the risk of development.

Market Summary

The market for silicon electronics is 100s of billions of dollars per year. Materials is a much larger market. The high strength materials market alone is over 10 billion dollars per year. CNTs from the TREKANG process will disrupt the high strength materials market first.


Odysseus Technologies plans to develop the newly invented TREKANG technology for 2 years. During this time the company will exploit the 3 breakthroughs achieved during the TREKANG proof-of-principle experiments to develop products. The guiding philosophy of the development effort is to put the risk up front and retire that risk as fast as possible.

An evaluation after the 2 year period would determine whether to sell the intellectual property (IP) or continue working on the technology. Either way, the company will sell the IP to materials and electronics industry leaders.

If we choose the continued work option for an additional 2 to 3 years, the company would industrialize the technology for a larger, future company acquisition price.


Revenue is expected in the next 2 years from selling products into the research market. In addition, the sale of spinoff technologies may also generate revenue. The final IP portfolio/company sale is the primary source of revenue.

Odysseus Technologies plans to seek government funding to augment the private funding now being raised for development and industrialization once the final part of the underlying IP is secured.


Odysseus Technologies has been run on a shoestring. To date the company has raised $286,750 of which $110,000 has been contributed by Dr. Bryan E. Laubscher and his wife. Bryan has been the sole worker in the company and has never taken a salary. The TREKANG synthesis experiments cost only ~$120,000 over the 16 month effort!

Rapidly advancing the technology to maximize the IP portfolio will require another level of funding and effort beyond what Dr. Laubscher can achieve alone. Therefore, the company is seeking 2 million dollars to operate the company for the next 2 years. The money will be used to hire a CEO, engineer and technician and expand the development effort of the TREKANG technology.

It will take creative, skilled, scientific and engineering work coupled with funding to develop TREKANG technology to disrupt the materials and electronics industries. It will require business acumen to quickly and effectively evaluate the markets opened by TREKANG technology in the materials and electronics industries. Identifying the best industry partners and potential buyers for the company’s IP will ensure the maximum price for the company’s acquisition.

The Deal

Odysseus Technologies will be transformed into a C-corp after our next money-raising phase. The company prefers selling equity shares but will consider a convertible note. The company valuation is in the range of millions of dollars and will need to be negotiated with future investors.

Close/Call to Action

The materials industry has been looking for the “next high strength material” for 25 years. Our silicon-based microprocessor development no longer obeys Moore’s Law, as the industry comes hard up against quantum mechanical effects of smaller architectures and heat generation of silicon.

Odysseus Technologies’ new CNT synthesis technology is poised to disrupt by delivering the “next high strength material” and helping unlock a new future for semiconductor technology.

If you want to change the world, invest in Odysseus Technologies and create the revolution!

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